C&C turn 4

This post was meant to be published since November 2016

It has been 4 years already. We love these two with all our heart. Absolutely blessed to have C&C in our lives and are content with two kids.

I baked them their birthday cakes this time! (We had been watching a lot of cake making and decorating prior to their birthday). A castle cake for school celebration and a doll cake for family celebration. For the cake recipe, I followed our favourite youtube baker “How to cake it”. I love her chocolate cake. As for the buttercream, I did an italian meringue buttercream, also adapted from How to cake it. Sugar was reduced in both recipes.

I have never baked anything like these before, so I am proud of my cakes :)  It took me 3 tries before I nailed the crown (what worked was a mixture of fondant and gum powder and let it dry outside in room temperature rather than inside the fridge). 

Cakes were baked a few days before the event and well kept inside the fridge. 

A week after their birthday, we celebrated with family. I made a doll cake, Ana from Frozen cartoon.

After their birthday, they asked me to bake exactly the same cake for their 5th birthday :)