2015 Adventures in China (Inner Mongolia Grassland)

If anyone goes to Inner Mongolia, don’t forget to visit the grassland and the dessert. We took the group tour package from Anda guesthouse: 2D1N Xilamuren Grassland + Zhaohe Temple + Desert Tour. Our small group consisted of 9 people including us. Visiting the grassland and staying in a yurt was the best experience for me. I loved it.

Day 1 Itinerary

  • Around 11:00am: Arrive at Zhaohe to see the temple (around half an hour)
  • 11:30am: Arrive at Mongolian home for traditional Mongolian tea
  • 12:00am: Eat lunch. After lunch, visit the area
  • Archery Time
  • 6:00pm: Dinner. Then watch the sunset
  • 8:00pm: Make a bonfire. Star gaze

We left Anda guesthouse in the early morning after breakfast

Our first stop was at Zhaohe to see the temple

We stayed in one of these yurts

Our yurt

The yurt is very warm even it is cold outside.

The girls thought that we were on a farm … we saw horses, cows




Lunch was superb! A traditional mongolian meal. Yummy!

This was our little group

Watching the auntie rinse the plates

We were in the middle of nowhere. We could run without worrying about traffic

We watched the sunset

Bonfire at night while drinking beer. One of the guys from our group brought his guitar. It was super cold at night.


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