Our trip to Penang with 10 month old twins

[Warning: Lots of photos to load]

We recently travelled to Penang (Malaysia). As it was our first time travelling with the twinnies, I wanted to be well equipped.

Basic things that we brought were:

  • Milk (we brought a tin that was three-quarter full and we were lucky that it was just enough for a 4-day trip – I should bring a full tin next time or as some of my friends suggested, pack the milk powder in zipper bags to save space)
  • Bottles (They take 4 milk feeds per day, so 6 bottles are enough in case we are out the whole day)
  • 1 food flask
  • 1 water flask
  • Baby snacks (important!)
  • Clothes (bring some extras in case of poop explosion or vomiting – which is what happened to us)
  • Swim suit and swim diapers (depending on where you are heading to)
  • Sunscreen & insect repellent (depending on the weather)
  • Baby toiletries (shower, lotion, powder)
  • Baby wipes (we didn’t bring enough but we could buy at the supermarket there)
  • Diapers (we didn’t bring enough but we could buy at the supermarket there)
  • Their cuddly bear
  • Beach toys (not necessary but we found these useful)
  • White noise  machine (free white noise app on my phone)
  • Fever medicine or fever patch (you never know when you will need them)

Other things that we could have just left at home are:

  • New toys
  • Swimming float (we actually didn’t use it. I think this is more useful if you have older kids)
  • Towel (we brought 1 towel but you don’t need that because the hotel provides enough)
  • Blankie (we didn’t use it)
  • Baby ready-made food (my younger twin doesn’t like those ready-made food which I already knew. Well we just wanted to bring some in case we really needed them)

Flying to Penang from Singapore takes only about 1 hour by plane. We took a budget airline which doesn’t have a baby bassinet. So the girls were in our baby ergo carrier throughout the flight journey (love love the Ergo — one of the best investments ever). The flight to Penang was pretty peaceful because both of them napped. We gave them their pacifiers during take off and landing.

Leaving Singapore

I had arranged for someone to pick us up from the airport to the hotel (in case you go to Penang, I recommend Mr Morgan – umogan@gmail.com). His charges were RM 60.00 (the hotel’s airport transfer would have been RM 180.00).

On our way to the hotel, the girls were a little fussy — so some baby snacks and toys kept them busy

The last thing that I wanted to happen happened: Chantel vomited (those projectile type of vomit) in the driver’s car and all over me. My Ergo baby carrier was also soaked. Boy it stank.

We didn’t have spare baby clothes in our handbag (other than diapers). So yeah, Chantel was practically  naked lol.

We stayed at ParkRoyal Penang Resort, which I read is one of the few baby-kid-friendly hotels in Penang (the other baby and kid-friendly hotels  based on the internet reviews are Shangri Rasa Sayang Penang, Holiday Inn and Hard Rock Hotel). The reason for choosing Parkroyal over Holiday Inn and Hard Rock was because of its location and direct access to the beach.

The girls were super excited as you can see. Big adult bed = playtime

You should see how excited Chantel was in her ‘mini tub’

After checking into the hotel,  we just hang around at the beach and headed to the night market in the evening.

We also visited the hotel’s kid club

Where they released their energy which was much needed after the flight and car ride

Super happy

Watch them

Dinner was at Long Beach (which is recommended). Yummy and lots of foods to choose from!

Bedtime was very late on the first night — 10pm instead of the usual 7pm. The twinnies were just too excited.

The hotel  provided us with a baby cot (which was pre- requested) and on the first night both managed to squeeze in that same cot!

Day 2

We started off with breakfast

They ate bits and pieces of bread, pancakes, fruits, cheddar cheese.. That was their breakfast. I had mixed some plain unsalted porridge with egg yolk  but apparently it wasn’t nice because they only took about 2-3 teaspoonfuls. Their favourite breakfast was pancakes.

After breakfast, we went sightseeing (the same driver of yesterday picked us up — RM25 per hour for a minimum of 4 hrs). Just before heading out, we dealt with poop explosion from Chantel. Had to dial housekeeping immediately. We were just hoping that she wasn’t down with diarrhea!

We visited Penang Hill

Took a photo with a python

We visited a temple

A mall in Georgetown

Where we enjoyed some Chendol while the girls were napping

On our way back to the hotel, the driver brought us to a clinic just to make sure that Chantel was okay. The lady doctor gave us  some medicines to be used in case she vomits or is down with diarrhea. Thank God we did not need to use them.

Our sightseeing lasted for about 5 hours and once we were back to our hotel, we headed to the beach and pool.

Chantel and her “ewww what is this rough thing!” facial expression. It took them a short while to get used to the sand

It was a lovely quiet afternoon

The hotel has 3 pool sections and this one is the baby pool

Dinner on the 2nd day was at long beach (again) followed by a foot reflex.

Night #2

Day 3

Day 3 in Penang was free and easy. We only went to a mall in the morning and the rest of the day was spent at beach and hotel pool.

Wrestling girls

We made use of the hotel’s babysitting services (RM20 / hr / kid) in the afternoon.

Our last dinner in Penang …  I just wanted a burger

Day 4

Our last breakfast at the hotel

A last pic before heading to the airport.


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  1. Hi

    Thank you for the info on yr blog.
    May i check if the driver u use is a chinese?and do u need to take care of his meals etc? And is it a salon car or mpv that he use to drive you around?



    1. Hi.. no the driver wasn’t chinese. We actually took his cab and inside his cab there were some brochures. So we asked him whether he does touring and negotiated price with him etc. He settled his own meals. He was a quite chatty and friendly guy.

      1. Hi

        Thanks very much for yr reply!was trying to locate back your blog and finally did today and see your reply.:)

        I believe the driver is an indian driver..reason for asking was in case we need to take care of his meals then we need to be mindful of his diet like whether he needs halal food etc.

        On the whole do u feel he is a safe driver?
        N may i check if he expects a fixed amount of tipping on top of the rm25 per hr?

        Thank you.

        Best regards

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