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7 Jul 2014

Breakfast on Sunday – Ham & mozzarella cheese french toast.

They are still obsessed with Mikey

We found another moth

We bought a kitchen toy for them the other day but they have already destroyed it = difference between cheap and expensive kitchen set!

Chantel eating spaghetti.

First time in their formal school uniform because they had a class photo session that day. They look so grown up in their uniform!

We went for a short getaway in Johor, Malaysia over the past weekend. On the first day before checking into the hotel, we drove from Singapore to Kukup. I don’t exactly know how long the journey took as I slept throughout but it was probably 2 hours including clearing the customs? Pulau Kukup is one of the largest uninhabited mangroves in the world. It is also the only one situated in Johor waters. More info about the place here.

We parked our car at a paid carpark and then headed to New Kukup Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

Then we took the ferry to pulau kukup national park which is about 800m off the coast of Kukup. We didn’t stop at the Pulau Kukup village where most of the residents have their houses built on stilts over the sea (we probably should have walked around for sightseeing). 

Snapped some pics along the way.

One of the fish farms

Chalene was a little scared being on the boat

You can actually rent one of the chalets and experience local village life.

Pulao Kukup National Park – The entrance

We briefly visited the place.  It’s about 600m of boardwalk.

There are a lot of monkeys along the way! I am seriously scared of monkeys, so I wasn’t really comfortable walking so near to them while having a toddler with me! Plus they were staring at you.

The suspension bridge is exciting! Unfortunately I only did half way because I was stopped by a mother monkey! It blocked by way and wouldn’t move! haha. I was just too scared of it, hence made a U-turn.


So that was our brief day trip to Kukup! After that we drove back to Johor city and checked into our hotel. We stayed for 2 nights at Renaissance Hotel. Would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone. It’s clean, the bed & linen is comfortable and the staffs are very friendly.

View from our room. We didn’t really do much during this getway. It was basically just eat, rest & relax. Which we did.

The girls had much fun too. I don’t know why eating fries is so funny to them. They just kept giggling a giggling while looking at each other eating fries. A sister thing maybe.

They slept quite late! Past 9pm!

After they slept, we had our night snacks hehe

Breakfast was pretty okay

I went to the gym once

We also went to the pool once. We went in the morning and the water was still cold!

We dropped by Aeron mall where the girls played at the playground (RM5 for first 20 minutes)

Fish & Chips

Last breakfast

Chalene was super messy!


Last last Saturday (14 June) we attended my nephew’s 2nd birthday party. The kids had such an awesome time. Play, eat, play eat.  They super loved the  inflatable bouncer, slide and hundreds of balls! I am considering renting an inflatable bouncer too for the girl’s 2nd birthday in November. The girls were in their swimsuit throughout the party hehe (we were planning to swim before the party but the inflatable bouncer was much more fun).

Video slideshow

Holding a party at a function room = no cleaning up to do after the party. Bonus!



A Final pic


The girls moved to the next level class. Hello school uniform! This morning both screamed as I handed them to the teacher. It always hurts to see them in such state but thank god they usually stop crying after a while.


Must get another trolley bag as I only bought one and both wanted to pull the bag.


What we were up to on 30 May 2014. Their school was closed and I took the day off.


At the sand park last Saturday.


On the morning of mother’s day we went to Sembawang beach park. They have a new outdoor activity for kids over there. You should check it out. I had fun climbing to the top.


Made french toast with ham and mozzarella cheese for us over the past weekend. Yuuum!


Random afternoon teabreak: cold milk tea for me and yoghurt + pancake for them.


I know I shouldn’t be encouraging this. Whenever they step on something they raise their hands.


A selfie with my sweet Chantel


A little note of appreciation for their infant class teachers as they moved to the next level class


Lots of spaces to run around


I’ve been eating a lot of junk lately!


Cold storage kids run 2014


A simple chicken (bones) and veggie soup for dinner


Taking care of twins, their meals and the housework without a helper (maid) while being a full time working mum (FTWM).

Many twin mums are concerned about this. I was too! Well it is possible. It is important to put the kids on a schedule and routine because they need to know what’s coming next..

On Dinners

The day care center takes care of their breakfast and lunch.  I try to cook 2-3 dinners per week. On days that I don’t cook, we pack food from outside (usually dry noodle, spaghetti, chicken rice and porridge). You may want to consider ting kat dinner delivery service too (we have tried Hong Choo and it isn’t bad). To top up on vegetables, I make smoothies which is quick to prepare (spinach, carrot, cucumber smoothies etc). Some must-haves for dinner are a piece of fruit or yoghurt.

Our evening routine goes like this: We fetch the girls between 5 pm - 6 pm. After school we usually spend about 15 minutes outside at the playground. By 6.15 pm we are back at home for dinner.

We contain them in their high chairs during dinner time. Dinner time used to be sort of a nightmare (wouldn’t want to stay in their high chairs, had to chase after them to feed them) but in most cases it gets better as they grow older. Now they enjoy being in their high chairs (unless they are very tired) and eating dinner by themselves. There’s just something about holding your own spoon and folk that makes it all so exciting.

Sometimes I eat my dinner while they eat theirs. Other times I quickly tidy up the house. It is best not to switch on the TV while eating so that they can focus on their food and give you their attention. Once they are done eating (usually within 15 minutes), they will tell me that they are done by handing me their plates or bowls. If they start throwing food on the floor, I take away their bowls. I don’t mind them playing with their food and feeling their food texture but throwing food on the floor is a big no no.

After dinner, I spend 10-15 minutes cleaning up the high chair mess and washing the dishes while I let them watch some dvds (Barney, Brainy Brains, Nursery Rhymes etc) and play by themselves. After I am done with the cleaning up, we spend some time together before shower time. By 7 pm we are in their bedroom, having the last milk feed and spending more time together before bedtime.

On Housework

The house will definitely not be perfectly clean! I don’t mind seeing toys on the floor but as long as I have a clean floor (clean floor to me = no sight of food bits and hair) and as long as our dining table is not cluttered, I am happy! I vacuum every day but I keep the mopping to once a week.  As for the girls’ laundry, it’s done at least twice a week — usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hanging clothes is done after the girls go to sleep. Thankfully by around 8pm plus they are already sleeping. After they sleep, my hands are free and if I am not being lazy, I will spend a couple of minutes tidying up the house.

I am looking forward to the day when they are big enough to help  me (for real) with the housework. For now, simple things are taught — where the dirty clothes go to, how to fold the clothes, where to keep the clean clothes, how to hand wash clothes, keeping the toys after playing etc.


Well, of course there are days when everything just goes haywire! It’s ok! We all have our bad days and we are not perfect.

Remember: We should never judge another parent.

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