Day 3 – 7 were spent in Inner Mongolia.

We took the overnight soft sleeper train from Beijing West Railway station to Hohhot (Inner Mongolia). Our train tickets were purchased online at Ctrip just a week earlier. We still needed to collect our real tickets at any railway ticket counter. We collected ours at Beijing West Railway station (our hotel was just opposite the station).

We paid a few bucks to get to wait at an air conditioned waiting hall to avoid the crowd.

Inside our K89 Sleeper Train. Departure was at 2215hrs. It got really really cold at night.

The train wasn’t noisy, the beds were comfortable and we slept pretty well at night. It was just squeezy because the kids shared the bed with me!

Outside view

We reached Hohhot Train Station at 0720hrs, after 9hrs

We stayed at Anda Guesthouse for the next 3 days. They had free train pickups from Hohhot Train Station.

Anda Guesthouse is a hostel-like accommodation. We were their first guest bringing kids along haha.  The owners were very friendly. Accommodation was cheap at S$40 per night (albeit shared bathroom) and it got many good reviews from  international travelers. They also provide private tours at reasonable price. We enjoyed interacting with the other guests. On our last evening after checking out we stayed at the common area and had a good 3 hour chat with the other international guests.

We spent our first day in the city.

The restaurant street was just opposite our guesthouse, so we decided to try some Mongolian food for lunch

Their tea has a very milky taste … a bit too strong for my liking

After lunch we took a cab to Inner Mongolian Museum

The museum has everything from dinosaurs and Genghis Khan to space-age rockets.

We bought some local food products

We went back to the restaurant street for dinner. This place is just opposite Anda Guesthouse.

This time we tried BBQ and satays. Yum! Loved all the stuffs that we ordered.

I loved their satays and the spices used

Day 2 highlights:

  • Jinshanling Great Wall
  • Gubeiku Water Village
  • Train to Inner Mongolia

We woke up early, checked out of the hotel and left our luggages at the hotel’s baggage counter. Ate breakfast at one of the shops next to the hotel.

After breakfast, we took the subway to Beijing Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station.

On our way to the bus station we stopped by a park.

There are several sections of the Great Wall that are accessible to the public. You can read more about the various sections here. The section that we wanted to visit was Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou County, about 72 km from Beijing. We were supposed to take bus no. 916 (express). However, at the Bus Station, a lady approached us and she told us that we could take another (faster) bus to Mutianyu Great Wall. So we hopped into bus 980 (express) instead of 916 (express).

Inside the bus one guy told us that our bus was heading to Miyun County instead of Huairou county! Alas it was too late to alight because we were already on the highway and the bus driver was not really that friendly.

So we alighted at the first bus station in Miyun County. There, one of the private drivers approached us and offered to bring us around. We negotiated and for 400 Yuan (S$88) he would drive us to Jinshanling Great Wall (140 km northeast from Beijing city) then to Gubeiku Water Village and finally back to the bus stop to Beijing.

First stop: Jingshanling Great Wall

At the entrance of Jinshanling Great Wall

We had to take the cable to reach the top (700 m above the sea-level)

Took us about 15 minutes to the top

At the top, we had to follow a small path that would lead us to the actual wall

Jinshanling Great Wall section is awesome! Taking the wrong bus was a blessing in disguise.

This section stretches to about 10 kilometers. Did you know that Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon runs along this section every year?

Gorgeous and serene place

Not crowded at all unlike the other sections of the Great wall

Some parts were quite steep. We had 3 lady ‘guides’ to help us. Their intention was actually to sell postcards and souvenirs. Well, we tipped them big instead.

With the 3 lady guides

The husband was one of the happiest because he was so looking forward to visiting the Great Wall

After the Great Wall, the driver brought us to Gubeiku water village. We didn’t go inside though. Just took some photos and visited the free sections (and stopped gor some starbucks)

They had a free kid playground

At around 5pm we took the bus back to Beijing long distance bus station. We were stuck in a jam — took us over 3 hours to reach the city.

We had Yoshinoya for dinner – finally a meal that we all liked and could eat!

After dinner we proceeded to Beijing West Railway station (our hotel was opposite) to collect our train tickets and then catch our 11pm train to Inner Mongolia.

I had booked the soft sleeper train (via ctrip) which is more comfortable than the hard sleeper. It has 4 beds per compartment and each compartment has a sliding door (good for privacy).

The night went pretty well. Kids slept throughout.

It became freaking cold at night!!! I had to open my luggage in the middle of the night to find some warm clothes.

This year we decided to travel to China for our family holiday. Many of our friends were surprised by our choice. Why China? Well, the husband wanted to go to the Great Wall and the rest is history. Our Cathay air tickets were purchased since months ago (March 2015).

Time really flew by and before we knew it, September came! The husband had let me plan the whole itinerary (I love to plan such thing). Boy did I make so many changes from where to visit to the type of hotels to book! I always thought that 11 days in Beijing was too long. I wanted to spend 5 days in Beijing and the rest of the days in another city not too far away. Then, one day someone suggested visiting Inner Mongolia. Did some research on this new-to-me place and a visit to the grassland and the desert sounded interesting indeed. So Inner Mongolia it was! More about our adventures in Inner Mongolia in another blog post (Day 3).

Day 1 (Singapore to Beijing)

Our flight was quite early (6.45am). We had a backpack (checked-in baggage), another smaller backpack (cabin luggage) which contained important stuffs (medicines) and a single stroller.

Kids kept themselves busy with the in-flight movies and ipad. I had installed new apps just for this trip.

After 3-hrs we reached Hong Kong where we waited for another 2-hrs for our next flight to Beijing

We reached Beijing at around 4pm

So I thought it would be easy to take the train from the airport to our hotel (located at Beijing West Railway Station) but I was wrong. I guess it would have been easy if we didn’t have 2 heavy backpacks, 2 toddlers and 1 stroller with us..  By the time we came out of the airport, it was peak hours. I have never seen a train that packed. In Singapore I commute to work daily during peak hours but this crowd that I experienced on my first day in Beijing was … an experience indeed. We had to be fast and join the rest in pushing to get into the train :)

We were so thankful to a kind gentleman who assisted and guided us all the way to our final train station. We had to change train 5 times. Everybody was looking at us. I think our twin girls and our backpacks were the centre of attention.

We eventually made it to our hotel, however we went to the wrong hotel. Their system didn’t have our booking. At that point we were exhausted, hence decided to book a new room on the spot.

Our first dinner in Beijing

Day 2 … To be Continued


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24 Oct 2015

Well if you are still visiting this page, thanks for sticking around!

So what’s new?


The kidos started ballet just over 2 weeks ago and they are enjoying it.


We were in China for 2 weeks in Sep/Oct — visited Inner Mongolia and Beijing. It was quite a fun and challenging adventure for our little family.



More details of our China Adventures in another blog pospost



Celebrated my niece and nephew’s birthday


Whose feet are these? Certainly not mine :) Well I have a new nephew!


The girls are still crazy about egg surprises. Guess what. I’m gonna give the lots of egg surprises for their birthday next month. 50 eggs maybe #crazy


Yes my babies are turning 3 next month.

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