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1 Feb 2015

A walk at the track


A photo together – C&C at 2 years 2 months


We went to a studio for a photpshoot


On Sunday morning we went to Botanic Garden for a family picnic


It was a lovely day



Our friend gave us some homemade cupcakes




Feeding Mikey (not cupcake)



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28 Jan 2015

So I have been running regularly since last August. I reconnected with a running friend and we have been working out together 3 times a week: 2 intervals/HIIT on weekdays and 1 long run of 20-25km on weekends. We average about 100-120km per month. A running partner is indeed important because I don’t think I would have been able to wake up at 5.30am if I didn’t know that someone was waiting for me somewhere. The kids are still sleeping when I leave home and by the time I am back, they are already up and their daddy had already given them their morning milk. This is a good arrangement between me and the husband.


Speaking of running.. I recently had the chance to meet and greet Hailie Gebrselassie, the famous Ethiopian runner that is arguably the most accomplished distance runner of all time.

In other news … my office has shifted its location and is far from my place. Takes about 1 hour plus by train to get to work.


That’s the morning rush at the train station


Work is good. Busy at the moment but my work-life balance is still okay.

December was a pretty happening month and I will tell you why…

Lunch with sis without kids


Family time at Sentosa – we were at Mambo beach club


Late birthday celebration for my brother


Brought the kids to the indoor playground at Science centre.


Went on a family trip to Johor


Rented a huge car and a huge 3-storey house via Airbnb.



Visited Hello Kitty Place and Little Big World playground in Johor, Malaysia — our 2nd time there


Kids had Christmas celebration in their childcare — Gift exchange among their classmates.


On Christmas Eve we walked along Orchard road to take pictures of all the christmas lightings. It was a sweaty day.


Christmas 2014


Their christmas gifts


We went to River Safari on Christmas day


Celebrated Christmas with their cousins



And then came the new year… we celebrated the new year eve with friends at the chalet


We also cycled at Ubin Island


Swimmed at the beach


I also did ny last workout — followed a kettle bell workout on youtube


Then we were so excited to welcome the new year 2015


Wishing you all the best in year 2015!!

C&C 2nd Birthday

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27 Jan 2015

Related post: The girls’ 1st Birthday.

This is a super late post! C&C’s 2nd birthday was last November 2014. Well time flies and now we have two very active 2-year old toddlers whom we are constantly chasing after! This stage is pretty fun though — they understand better, we can have mini conversation and more interaction with each other. However, they can also drive us cray cray too many times! They are the naughtiest when they are together. Toddlers are so stubborn too. Chantel’s favourite sentence is “I don’t want.. I don’t want”.  It can take forever to get out of the house, to get them dressed. They have small sisterly fights which is cute, fight over the same toys (what’s new?) and outfits (which is why I prefer to get similar outfits).  The important thing here is to stay calm, not yell and be super patient. Of course this is easier said than done!


I made a small video using Magisto phone app (loving this app at the moment!) to remember their special day. Too bad I didn’t get to take many videos.

The Cake

I bought a simple 2kg rainbow cream cake from PrimaDeli. It  was enough to feed 30 pax including kids. I  bought the bear cake topper many many months ago on Etsy (had already planned for a bear themed cake that long time ago when they became fond of bears). The night before their party, I decided to DIY a cake bunting.

Kids played at the playground after they ate.


After the Party

All the cousins went up and we sang the birthday song again.

Pampared with birthday presents

We opened all gifts the next day

Family vacation was great. 17 days in Mauritius flew by way too fast! The girls had a blast (it was their first time visiting the homeland) and had a good time catching up with their grandparents. Will just post some photos with captions.

We survived the pretty challenging flight. Not looking forward to flying anytime soon unless it is less than 2hr flight!

At the mountain.

At Trou Aux Cerf (dormant volcano) – Eating local raspberries

The loved it

We rented a car and went out every single day

We visited Mauritius in October, the end of winter- The best time to visit the island in my opinion

At Belle Mare beach

Crystal Clear water. Kids loved playing with the sea water

Chalene Singing — twinkle twinkle, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed etc. I could barely understand lol


Boat ride while my mum babysitted the kids

Lots of fish

Kids having a blast

Glad that the girls are fan of the sand :)

Rare sighting

Beach beach and more beach

Weather was awesome.

Best place to swim was at Pereybere Beach as the water wasn’t too cold

They love their new slippers

At the supermarket which was kind of empty

At Tamarin beach

Picnic by the beach (at Le Morne) – typical mauritian food

The girls enjoyed feeding all the birds

With grandma – At Le Morne

At le Maconde

Yum Yum

At Le Gris Gris

Visit to the Botanical Garden

They were trying to feed the duck


A trip to Casela Nature Park


To the Safari

An ice cream while waiting for the safari bus

Feeding the zebras. Chantel was eating a “Marie Biscuit” and I took it from her and fed it to the Zebra. And the zebra actually ate it! haha



Feeding the peacock while having our lunch

Delicious Gateaux Piment by mum

Many more photos which I will keep for some other time…

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