Oh gosh I haven’t blogged in 3 months!! I guess life and work have kept me busy.  The twins are doing very well. They are 17 months old at the moment and we are enjoying every bit of this stage.

Monthly shot at 17 months [[Happy Easter by the way!]]

Monthly shot at 15 months

Monthly shot at 16 months

We separated them at 15 months. Each gets to sleep in their own cot now.

I like to have my two little helpers around

They can fight over who gets to pretend to vacuum. Chalene always has the last say.

On Saturday mornings we keep ourselves busy while their daddy coaches. Busy as in picking up dry leaves, dry sticks, looking at ants, play with balls etc.

And snack too

Love to see them having fun times with their cousins

Acting cool

Doing funny faces

Chantel had roseola a couple of weeks ago. She had high fever (almost 40 degrees celcius) for 3 days followed by rash all over her body.

Who says you need hand? Says Chalene

April 2014: Celebrating daddy’s birthday

April 2014: Family selfie

These mini ice cream cones (once in a while) are perfect for their little hands

At IKEA the other day way past their bedtime

Chantel showing us what they did at school

A couple of more school activities

Video: Speaking of school

Video: They love Mikey but Mikey doesn’t quite like to be hugged

We visited the Bird Park on Good Friday

They are more interested in books now even though they still turn the pages at a fast rate

Kisses from C&C

This is their 2nd time celebrating Chinese New Year. I had a long weekend, from Thursday through Monday!


Flashback to last year’s CNY. We miss their grandma and grandpa a lot! And I miss my long hair too.


So, this year we did some family visiting as usual. Went out everyday but most of their long naps were taken at home.  A well-rested baby is a happy baby!

They are in a Tibetan outfit.

Dinner at home on Friday.

Cousin Group Pic

Love to  watch them play with each other. It’s  mostly catch and run type of game.


We went to River Hong Bao on Friday night and came back at past midnight haha.

Like BFFs

The girls’ first ride … the cups just went round.



Gosh … they grow up so fast!!

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