Family vacation was great. 17 days in Mauritius flew by way too fast! The girls had a blast (it was their first time visiting the homeland) and had a good time catching up with their grandparents. Will just post some photos with captions.

We survived the pretty challenging flight. Not looking forward to flying anytime soon unless it is less than 2hr flight!

At the mountain.

At Trou Aux Cerf (dormant volcano) – Eating local raspberries

The loved it

We rented a car and went out every single day

We visited Mauritius in October, the end of winter- The best time to visit the island in my opinion

At Belle Mare beach

Crystal Clear water. Kids loved playing with the sea water

Chalene Singing — twinkle twinkle, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed etc. I could barely understand lol


Boat ride while my mum babysitted the kids

Lots of fish

Kids having a blast

Glad that the girls are fan of the sand :)

Rare sighting

Beach beach and more beach

Weather was awesome.

Best place to swim was at Pereybere Beach as the water wasn’t too cold

They love their new slippers

At the supermarket which was kind of empty

At Tamarin beach

Picnic by the beach (at Le Morne) – typical mauritian food

The girls enjoyed feeding all the birds

With grandma – At Le Morne

At le Maconde

Yum Yum

At Le Gris Gris

Visit to the Botanical Garden

They were trying to feed the duck


A trip to Casela Nature Park


To the Safari

An ice cream while waiting for the safari bus

Feeding the zebras. Chantel was eating a “Marie Biscuit” and I took it from her and fed it to the Zebra. And the zebra actually ate it! haha



Feeding the peacock while having our lunch

Delicious Gateaux Piment by mum

Many more photos which I will keep for some other time…

Chalene spent a good 10 minutes doing this :) Guess she was inspired by the water fountain lol

This place was super breezy and quiet. Loved it!

Singapore National Day Celebration

They had a mini NDP celebration at their childcare centre and the kids had to be dressed in red.

They were 20 months then

Showing Chalene how to take the pledge


Claire’s 5th Birthday

My niece, Claire turned 5 years old in August

Celebrated her birthday at our place. A mini Frozen theme party among ourselves.

Kiddos had lots of fun at the playground after the party

 2nd Club Zoom Carnival 2014

My Birthday

In September we celebrated my Birthday.

My niece made me this sweet card.

All the kiddos are growing super fast

Our 2nd trip to the zoo

We just bought 2 adult annual passes to the Zoo as well as to the River Safari, so I foresee us visiting these places more often. This trip was better than our first. The girls enjoyed the wagon and remained seated most of the time

And they got to see one of their favourite animals – bears!

Polar bears!


Outing to St John Island. We took the ferry from Marina South Pier on a Sunday. Ticket is priced at $15 per adult and $12 per child. Hmm kind of expensive I must say. We’ve never been to St John Island. It’s a very quiet place and the water was calm. Lazarus island is just next to it but we didn’t go there. We just stayed at the lagoon of St John Island. The kids weren’t bored at all.

They saw lots of starfish


Collecting tennis balls. Oh yeah we found all these abandoned tennis balls next to the court :D The girls love ball hunting :D We do this after school sometimes and have close to 20 balls!


Woodlands Waterfront. After dinner, we went to the playground. Chalene loved the turning round and round machine!


They are at this draw-everywhere phase. 

I do enjoy drawing for them. My drawing kind of sucks. That’s why I need to watch some ‘how to draw’ tutorials on YouTube from time to time ehhe.


Swimming. Glad that they love water. It was so hard to get them out once it was time to go back home!


Fringes. It was time for me to cut those long fringes.

Bits and pieces

In: Twins

7 Jul 2014

Breakfast on Sunday — Ham & mozzarella cheese french toast.

They are still obsessed with Mikey

We found another moth

We bought a kitchen toy for them the other day but they have already destroyed it = difference between cheap and expensive kitchen set!

Chantel eating spaghetti.

First time in their formal school uniform because they had a class photo session that day. They look so grown up in their uniform!

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