This is their 2nd time celebrating Chinese New Year. I had a long weekend, from Thursday through Monday!


Flashback to last year’s CNY. We miss their grandma and grandpa a lot! And I miss my long hair too.


So, this year we did some family visiting as usual. Went out everyday but most of their long naps were taken at home.  A well-rested baby is a happy baby!

They are in a Tibetan outfit.

Dinner at home on Friday.

Cousin Group Pic

Love to  watch them play with each other. It’s  mostly catch and run type of game.


We went to River Hong Bao on Friday night and came back at past midnight haha.

Like BFFs

The girls’ first ride … the cups just went round.



Gosh … they grow up so fast!!

Essential Oils?

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24 Jan 2014

I am hoping that some essential oils will help with the girls’ runny nose, phlegm and on & off cough. They have had it for over a month and although the runny nose and phlegm don’t seem to bother them at all, I am sure it is not good internally and in the long run. They are currently taking some medication but I don’t see any results.

I just made my first purchase of essential oils and they are due to arrive next week. I can’t wait to try them! I shall update more next time  and whether or not that helped.

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